1. Trip 006!

    Welcome to 2905(miles), the exact distance between San Francisco and New York City as the pony express rides. The goal of 2905 is to digitally and eventually physically connect creative, passionate individuals who live, work and travel between NYC & SF. We feature select events, people, and companies from each city who might be off the mainstream radar but are nevertheless doing amazing work and creating powerful impact.

    Join us on our twice-a-month digital adventure.

    1. Featured companies:  Launch.it and Sosh

    2. Featured passenger: Katharine Bierce

    3. Featured events in SF and NYC


    Featured NYC Company: Launch.it

    Launch.it is a free self-publishing news platform for PR professionals, agencies and brands to launch and socialize everything new. Launch.it’s goal is to be the most comprehensive direct-to-customer source for the timeliest news of all new products, services and ideas to make sure that they can be found, discovered and shared.

    Launch.it also has an “Event News and Social Engagement Platform” that is currently being used by conferences and events to create a central location for all their exhibitor and partner news. They are digitizing press kits and materials, while saving time and the environment.  Finally, event organizers can share in the revenue for the service, as Launch.it charges companies to use this tool.  Check them out!


    Featured SF company: Sosh

    At a loss for something to do tomorrow night? Wondering which of your friends might want to join you on a cross-city adventure? Sosh can help with that. The event discovery and curation app highlights interesting things to see and do, based on neighborhood, type of activity, and  - perhaps most important - based on what your friends have done or are interested in doing.

    With smartly-written capsule reviews accompanying each listing, Sosh helps you discover everything from oddball parties to newly-opened restaurants to hidden gems in your own backyard. It also highlights items that you and your friends have bookmarked, and suggests new activities - a waterfall hike near Mt. Tam or a new pop-up bar hidden in North Beach - based on your interests. As Dorothy Parker said it best: “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”


    Featured Passenger: Katharine Bierce

    What’s your historical San Francisco and New York connection?
    I was born in New York, grew up in the suburbs, and spent a bit over 2 years living in Manhattan before recently moving to San Francisco.  
    Describe your experience in NYC.
    New York City is “always on.”  From taxi horns to sirens to 24/7 everything, you can pretty much get whatever you want, whenever you want, if you survive the pressure.  It’s a bit of a crucible of people who choose to throw themselves into the mostly meritocratic melting pot.  
    While I was there, I wish I had gone to more theater and art events and spent less time trying to “prove myself.”  Many of my friends and close family are in or near NYC, and in addition to those ties, the city itself has a high escape velocity.  If you spend a few years there, you may never leave.  
    What was the biggest challenge of moving from NYC to SF?  
    The biggest challenge was adjusting to how people interact.  New Yorkers are more efficient and San Franciscans are more holistic in how they interact with others.  New Yorkers want to know where you’re from, what you do, and how they can help you. San Franciscans want to know who you are as a person, what you value, what you do in your free time, what inspires you, etc.  Both ways of interacting are valuable but if you act in an East Coast way to those in SF, they’ll think you’re too abrupt, inauthentic, and trying too hard.  If you act San Franciscan in New York, New Yorkers might think you’re wasting their time and don’t know what you want.  
    So the biggest challenge in moving was to identify how people prefer to interact, and then adjust my style to be more in tune with that. But I think it’s valuable to have spent some time both in NYC and in SF, since the vibes of each city are valuable in their own distinctive ways.
    How can NYC and SF best engage with each other?
    New Yorkers could learn active listening skills and learn when and how to “be present.” They could also (when the occasion calls for it) talk more about what they feel and not just what they know. San Franciscans would benefit from being more efficient in networking and perhaps make it clearer when you see someone as a friend or business contact – that gets pretty blurred on the West Coast.  
    Favorite SF secret spot?
    Hard to say – there are so many!  Golden Gate Park’s grove of redwood trees is pretty fantastic. I also like Phoenix Lake in Marin or just hiking on Angel Island in the middle of the San Francisco Bay.  
    Favorite NYC secret spot?
    The Frick Collection – an art museum in New York that is also in a gorgeous mansion with an indoor courtyard.  
    If you were not freelancing, what would you be doing?
    At this point in time: if I weren’t freelancing with various San Francisco companies and 
    nonprofits, I would like to be the CEO of a social mission business company.  
    (Well, that’s my goal for the next 5 years, at least!)

    Inflight Entertainment: tell us what song/album, TV show, podcast, or web videos you’ve been watching lately.
    Jason Silva’s talk on “The biological advantage of being awestruck” is incredibly inspiring.

    Regardless of which coast you’re on this week, here are our hand-picked, can’t miss events:


    CampInteractive’s Summer White Party: Thursday July 11th, 8-11 pm
    Hurricane Club, 360 Park Avenue South
    Join the amazing team at CampInteractive, one of Erica’s favorite nonprofits in NYC, to celebrate their growth as an organization.  Come party with techies and people shaping the future of education for at risk youth looking to learn filmmaking, photography, and web development and design, as well as leadership skills.
    Her Girl Friday: A Lady Journo’s mixer in Brooklyn: Thursday July 11th, 7pm 
    Cloud City, 85 N. 1st St., Brooklyn
    HGF is a Brooklyn-based group that produces engaging events with good vibes and concrete takeaways for (and featuring!) women in journalism and non-fiction storytelling. They’ll be projecting slides throughout the night featuring projects and people looking for collaborators (or some extra exposure!).
    Free // More Info
    Small Companies, Big Disruption: Monday July 22nd, 7-9:30 pm 
    General Assembly East, 902 Broadway, 4th Fl.
    As technology disrupts the media sector, innovation has become an increasingly urgent priority for traditional media companies. As a result, many have become actively involved with the startup community through partnerships, business development deals, strategic investments and more. Come learn about what The New York Times is doing with their timeSpace tech incubator and their participants.  
    Tickets: $10



    Phono del Sol: Saturday, July 13, 11:30am-7pm
    Potrero del Sol Park, 25th Street x Potrero
    For the third year in a row, the indie music advocates over at The Bay Bridged are bringing us a one-day minifestival with a stellar lineup that includes local favorites like The Oh Sees and Social Studies, as well as K. Flay, YACHT, the Oh Sees, Bleached, and more. And it wouldn’t be a true SF event without proper facilities for foodies - some of the Bay Area’s finest food trucks will also be in attendance.

    Tickets: $25-$50 // More info

    Does a Social Enterprise Need a COO?: Monday, July 15, 6-8pm
    RallyPad, 144 2nd St.
    Social enterprise founders have a big job on their hands, and they often face unique challenges when it come to hiring and management. Join leaders from some of the Bay Area’s social enterprises, such as Rally.org and SamaSource, for a discussing on how to identify the needs of your organization and tips on hiring just the right COO for the job.

    Tickets: $10 // More info

    Nerd Nite: Yeast, Science Beer Tasting, and Games User Research: Wednesday, July 17, 7pm.
    The Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell St.
    Each month, like-minded geeks gather in Hayes Valley to dive into an evening of talks, drinks, and, of course, a few great tunes. This month promises an evening of fun and games - literally - as the head brewer from Pacific Brewing Company leads a tasting to determine the official Bay Area Science Beer, and EA’s senior games user researcher explains his craft. Be sure to buy your tickets early - these evening sell out fast!

    Tickets: $8 // More Info

    SoMa Ping Pong Throwdown: Thursday, July 18, 7-10pm
    PARISOMA, 169 11th St.
    Join PARISOMA and some of their neighbors - including Heroku, Docusign, and Spotify - for an action-packed night of Berlin-style ping pong, snack, and drinks. There are still a couple spots open for teams (uniforms encouraged), as well as spectator tickets (enthusiasm encouraged) - snag your seats now to watch the SoMa Ping Pong champion be crowned!

    Tickets: $15 // Team registration (for 12 players): $300

    Trip 006 has ended.  Ciao for now!


    We hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of 2905(miles). Feel free to follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/2905miles) and Tumblr (http://2905miles.com/).  Please send us your feedback so that we can curate the best content to digitally connect SF and NYC!

    We know you have a choice when traveling, so if you enjoyed spread the love!


    Your curators

    -Connie Hwong @crh (San Francisco)

    -Erica Berger @GoodBerger (New York City)

    2905(miles) is the third newsletter launched from mileage(media), a group of like-minded humans who enjoy helping New York City connect with Los Angeles and with London respectively.  Our other newsletters connect LA and NYC via 2462(miles) and London and NYC via 3460 Miles. We believe good people should be able to connect with each other, regardless of the distance between wherever they may call home.

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